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Touring Kayaks are for more experienced paddlers, they will be only rented to those who have had at least 5 times on a kayak, or have finished an introductory course in kayaking. Touring kayaks are much quicker than recreational kayak's, which makes you cover a lot more water in less time. Touring kayaks are designed for longer trips and come with comfortable seating. Located in between the Grand River and Sulphur Creek, this is the perfect spot to rent out a kayak.  With the Grand River marshes located just down the river and  the Byng Conservation Area just a short paddle upstream, there is more than enough sightseeing and wildlife for paddlers to see. Having the largest rental fleet and the lowest prices on  the Lower Grand, makes us the perfect place to rent.Rental Kayaks are:Winner Dreamer (14.5 ft),Winner Expedition (14.5 ft),Winner Driftwood (12 ft)Clear Water Muskoka (12 ft). No particular model is guaranteed unless requested in advance.

Rental : Touring Kayaks

  • If you are interested in reserving a touring kayak for rent, please call Stefan at 647-588-9032

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